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What? You have Colts news?

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Yes, yes, yes, I know. I've spent a lot of time talking about the Texans and Titans; so much so that Tim and Jimmy are no longer speaking to me (and are secretly plotting my demise along with WCG, Big Cat Country, and MHR). I do have one more article to write about the Texans' defense, but until then, I actually have Colts news. Amazing, I know:

  • On Jersey Johnny's radio show, Bill Polian said this Training Camp will be "very intersting from a personnel standpoint." I translate that to mean that Polian has no idea who will make the active roster because they've brought in so many talented prospects. It's easy to just pencil in guys like Jennings and Giordano, but the Colts seem very high on guys like Antonio Perkins and fourth rounder Brannon Condren. They're also very high on Texas A & M DB Melvin Bullitt. Polian compared him to Antoine Bethea, saying he impressed coaches at mini-camp the way Bethea did last season. High praise indeed. We'll keep an eye on him when Stampede Blue blogs (hopefully) from Training Camp in one month
  • Yes folks, Training Camp is about one month away. I'm starting to shake.
  • No. Don't even think or suggest it. There's no way in hell the Colts will claim Tank Johnson off waivers. If Lovie Smith was done dealing with him, you can bet Dungy wants nothing to do with him. Johnson should pack his bags for Oakland or Tampa Bay, who will welcome Tank with open arms.
  • Colts announcer Bob Lamey will get some help in the broadcast booth this year (finally!). Joe Staysniak, Will Wolford, and Barry Krause will join Lamey and former head coach Ted Marchibroda in the booth to call the games. Folks, I personally love coach Ted, but the Colts need to inject a little life into their game calling. I was pissed last year when Mark Herrmann was not retained. Hopefuly, Staysniak, Krause, and Wolford can add a little flavor to the mix.
  • Roy Hall is going to see a lot of action on Special Teams... as a coverage guy.
  • And for those that care about this kind of crap: Indy was nominated six ESPY's. Since really no one outside of Bristol, CT gives a crap about the ESPYs, why is it still considered a big deal?