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SB Nation Small Market Roundtable: Revenue Sharing

SB Nation's NFL Small Market Roundtable continues with BrianG of Buffalo Rumblings commenting on Revenue Sharing. Here's a taste of BrianG's excellent write-up:

The problems are not devastating at the moment, but the future implications are. The rich teams are going to get richer, and by comparison the poor teams will be getting poorer. Without some sort of local revenue sharing plan, smaller-market teams may be forced to relocate to bigger cities with better stadiums, richer people to buy luxury seats and more attractive facilities to free agents. The growing disparity will drive out what makes football football. Blue-collar, lesser-revenue cities like Buffalo - who rely on the Bills both as a boost to the Western New York economy as well as one of the main entertainment attractions - won't have a team to cheer for. Isn't sports about the "little guy" competing with the big boys?
The Roundtable thus far is: