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You say DeMeco, I say DeMarco...

Ok, I admit it. I spelled DeMeco Ryans' name wrong in this post. I called him DeMarco. Heck, I even spelled the name of the fine Texans fan blog (Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco) wrong. I have a good excuse though. Since DeMeco was drafted in 2006, I have been calling him DeMarco only to have MasterRWayne constantly correct me.

Early 2006 season
BBS: Yo man, that DeMarco Ryans kid in Houston is good.
MRW: It's DeMeco you dumbass. Pass me another Corona.

Mid-2006 season
BBS: Dang! That team is killing the Texans. But DeMarco Ryans looks fast.
MRW: It's DeMeco you dumbass. Pass me another Blue Moon.

Late 2006 season
BBS: Did you see that? That DeMarco Ryans kid can-
MRW: It's DeMeco you dumbass! And where's my PBR! And WTF is wrong with our run defense!

You get the picture. Point is, I always call him DeMarco, but I really mean DeMeco. In any case, my mispronouncing DeMeco Ryans' name, coupled with my opinions on Matt Schaub, has lead Houston Texans fans to hire a bounty hunter to find and kill me.
Too-Da, Noo-da, Mr. Shoe?

That, and we have yet another salvo fired from Matt at Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco. And, like before, Matt likes to call me names and try and poop on my argument that David Carr was made a scapegoat in Houston and that Matt Schaub has done nothing to prove he's better than Carr. I can't really judge or bash Matt for the namecalling. I've called Peter King fat, Pete Prisco an idiot, and I suggested the entire staff of Cold Hard Football Facts had their collective noggins stuffed up their own butts. However, I have never called another blogger names though. Guys like King and Prisco make a lot of money. So, when they F up, it's important to bash them. Bloggers don't have the same kind of access to sports atheletes and facilities that writers like King and Prisco do. So, when I disagree with them, it's my personal feeling that I don't bash them too harshly, and I don't call them names. Matt disagrees with this philosphy. I guess this means that I have arrived if another blogger feels the need to bash and berate my opinions. I'm free Monday if anyone wants to throw me a parade.

In all seriousness, if you want to read Matt's angry retort to my post, you can check it out here. The guy literally goes through every sentence I wrote and bashes it. He even bashed my first two sentences:

BBS wrote: I'm fighting an ear infection (gross), which explains why I haven't blogged in the last few days. It's nice to be missed though.

Matt at DeMeco responded: I gotta be honest, I was hoping that you would go with the "I'm fighting an ear infection and the antibiotics are why my last post about the Texans was pretty much devoid of substantive argument" angle. Whatever, though.

And that's just the beginning. The real story here is Texans fans are really, really paranoid about the whole Matt Schaub v. David Carr thing, almost as paranoid as U. of Texas fans when I tell the truth about Vince Young. Must be a Texas thing.

Listen, we Colts fans had to endure years of listening to moron fans and even dumber pundits bash, berate, and demean Peyton Manning. Where are those fools now? Likely, they're bagging my groceries (stole that line from Maddox). Guys like Schaub need to prove they are worth something, and Texans fans need to lighten the F up on the subject, because should Schaub crash and burn David Carr-style, you can rest assured my foot will end up in the face of many a Texan fan that dared challenge my infinite and all-powerful wisdom.

Doctor prescribed for all Houston Texans fans.