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Jason David is what hurts the worst.

You know I have been hearing a lot lately about our off-sseason losses of Cato June and Nick Harper, but the lose of Jason David hurts us the worst. There are a lot of reasons for this the first being the Jason was amazing last year (does anyone recall him getting beat deep?) and he was still young unlike Nick Harper who is now 33. I loved Harper, but at 33 it's time to start letting your veterans go to teams that overpay for aging free agents such as the Redskins and the Titans.
The other reason the lose of Jason David hurts is because it screws up our depth in the secondary. The Colts pass defense was simply incredible last year and a big reason for that was the we had so many solid corners. If you want proof just look at what our dime package was last year...

  1. Nick Haper
  2. Jason David
  3. Marlin Jackson
  4. Kelvin Hayden
Those four guys made huge plays last year and when one got hurt there was always someone competent to step up. Now with Harper AND David gone things get a bit murky. This is our new starting dime package...
  1. Marlin Jackson
  2. Kelvin Hayden
  3. Tim Jennings (second year player)
  4. Daymeion Hughes (rookie)
That package has the potential to be a strong secondary, but I am just not sure how good Jennings and Hughes are going to be. If Jason David had signed the one year contract that would have allowed us to keep some much needed depth and allowed us to develop Hughes and Jennings for another season. I think that is important because I am a big believer in letting rookies develop for a year before giving them responsibilities.

I view the other free agent losses as really a case of addition by subtration. For instance, I think Freddie K will do a better job than Cato June. But losing Jason D. could really affect an area of the Colts D that was rock solid all of last year. Lets hope that Tim Jennings and Daymeion Hughes can get things done.