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Dumb cheerleaders, underage kids, and Jack Trudeau

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You know it's a slow news cycle when a weekend party at Jack Trudeau's house gets busted with under-age teens drinking, and THAT is the Colts' mega-news story of the week. For those that don't remember, Jack Trudeau was the nobody QB that got the Colts to the playoffs back in 1987. He hung around wtih the team for several years, even after the Colts drafted Jeff "Boy" George. When Jeff went AWOL in 1992, everyone thought Jack Trudeau would be the saviour.

Turned out Jack sucked just as bad as Jeff did.

The period of Trudeau and George is one of the darker periods in Colts history. Trudeau hasn't played football in over a decade, and now he's making more news than anything else the Colts are doing. Gotta love The Indy Star. Always there with the important stuff.

In other important news, if you wanted living, breathing proof that the Colts have some of the worst cheerleaders in the NFL, check out this media file from This girl is so dumb she doesn't even have a last name. Jessica T.? What the hell? Are we in a chat room or something? Why doesn't she have a full last name? And is THIS what Colts management thinks is beautiful and attractive? Is THAT supposed to get me pumped up for games. Jessica T. is about as arousing as Lionel Richie's coked up daughter:

Hide the kids.

Makes no sense to me that the Colts continue to strut out dogs with pom-poms and call them cheerleaders. Sorry folks, but this is a cheerleader:

From our brothers at Bleeding Green Nation. Now THAT'S my kind of cheerleader!

As you can see, she's from Philly. I've been to Philly many times. Women in Philly are not prettier than women in Indianapolis. The Colts need to divert some of their scouting department to finding us fans some quality cheerleaders. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.