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Peter King tries to give the Colts the kiss of death

Peter King of CNNSI is trying to give Colts fans the kiss of death.

In a recent article Peter penned for, he made his Super Bowl prediction: Colts v. Saints. It's important to note that last year Peter selected the Patriots and Cowboys in the Super Bowl, and before that he had the Patriots and the Vikings. The only significant thing out this prediction is that for the first time in a long while Fat Pete didn't pick the damn Patriots to win it. I guess Peter feels that if he doesn't pick them, they'll somehow get there. King's routine ball washing of the Patriots continues to make hot vomit come up my throat. A Patriots v. Cowboys Super Bowl last year was a New England fan's wet dream. So naturally, Peter King "predicted" just that. Belichick defeating Parcells. Bill the genius giving Bill the fart a one way ticket to retirement. Patriots fans finally giving one last F U to Parcells, the man that turned their pathetic, nothing franchise into a contender only to leave them because their butthole owner (Bob Kraft) has an ego the size of Gillete Stadium.

King is such a Patriots fan it's sickening. You can stick your predictions, Pete! Our Colts won even when you gave them no chance, and it is only now that you start jumping on the bandwagon. Too late Pete. You wouldn't like it here anyway. No free buffet.

As many of you know, I picked the Colts to face the Saints for last year's Super Bowl, and I was nearly right. Had Reggie Bush not acted like a hotdog buffoon, Peyton Manning and the Colts might have thumped the team his dad used to play for in the Super Bowl and not the Bears. Predictions by someone as clueless as King aren't worth a damn, folks. I mean seriously, this guy actually picked a team coached by Mike Tice to get to a Super Bowl two years ago.

However, despite King's silly predictions, he did have one good point that almost had me choke on my granola as I read it. Why did I almost choke? Because King was 100% right on the money:

So the easy, and logical, thing to say is New England has loaded up where it was weak and will get over the Colt hump this year.

One problem. I still don't know if the Patriots' defense can get off the field in key spots.

I know they allowed the second-fewest points in the league last year (14.8 per game), but they allowed 65 in two games to the Colts -- and were absolutely terrible in the second half of the AFC title game. Thirty-two points, 311 yards ... in one half. They melted. And that's what I kept coming back to. As I sit here the first week of June, I'm unconvinced they have the linebacking backbone to hold Peyton Manning to enough three-and-outs in the second half of a big game.

Wow! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner folks. Apparently, Pete decided to hold off on the press buffet during the ACFCG and actually WATCHED the game. It's good and, once in a while, Pete can get the story right. He can ditch the predictions though. The moment his said a Mike Tice team gets a Super Bowl nod, King's editor should have had him tested for something, or smashed a brick across his face; something.  

Update [2007-6-5 15:48:48 by BigBlueShoe]: Tip to PaytonMenning in the diaries for also blogging about King's prediction.