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More cheerleanding blues, Captain Booger, and would you let Vinatieri hold your (K) balls

  • Good lord. Be still my heart. No, that's not a banana in my pocket. I just watched yet another reason why the Colts need a serious overall in their cheerleading ranks. I mean, jeez-us! I know women in Philly are not that hot, and I know women in Indy who are that hot. How come the only hot women in Philly cheerlead for the Iggles, and all the dogs in Indy cheerlead for the Champs.
    Why can't we be more like Philly?
  • Nice fluff piece on Booger McFarland. Don't be surprised to see him voted team captain on defense. No disrespect to Gary Brackett, last year's team captain, but McFarland just seems to have those special qualities you look for in a captain. Plus, the idea of "Captain Booger" intrigues me. And, at least he'll look better out there standing with Manning during the coin tosses than Gary "the midget" Brackett.
  • Tank Johnson got suspended 8 games by Sheriff Goodell. 8 seemed a bit harsh to me considering the guy did jail time, but at least Goodell is consistent. Atlanta Falcons management must have pissed themselves when Goodell sent Tank to his couch. If Michael Vick gets indicted, he's probably going to get suspended.
  • This Dallas writer ranks the Patriots and Chargers ahead of the Colts. More proof that writers in Texas are clueless, save Grizz, Peter Bean, and maybe Terry. Maybe. Terry's recent Romosexual comments have started to freak me out a bit. Then again, I am responsible to posting this picture of Adam Vinatieri all the time.
  • Pimp #4 for the Indy Colts

    Any excuse to post it folks. Any excuse. Go Colts!