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More love for the Ohio States receivers, Lindsay Lohan, and Randy in Patsy Land

We blame The SB Nation Sports Report Drinking Game for Lindsay's latest visit to rehab.
  • The more I read about them, the more I really, really like the two OSU receivers Polian snatched up on draft day: Gonzo and Roy Hall. Good article here on how Gonzo is in Indy at all the summer school events, learning the offense and working with Peyton. Also in Indy is Roy Hall, who seems to have impressed the Colts coaches. The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel did a nice piece on Roy. I know not to expect too much from these rookies, but so far I really like what I'm reading.
  • The Colts gets their Super Bowl rings next week. It's a beautiful thing people.
  • Our brother site, Indy Cornrows, has some nice write-ups about the Pacers new head coach, Jim O'Brien, and all the potential trade rumor involving Jermaine O'Neal.
  • Trent Green finally got traded. Miami fans are happy. KC fans are happy. Chiefs GM Carl Peterson ends up looking like a total fool for letting this thing drag out as long as it did.
  • SkinPatrol and I are involved in a fun little debate in the comments sections over whether Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana, and guess what: I'm defending Brady!
  • The latest episode of the SB Nation Sports Report is now up on NowLive. If a drinking game is developed for our show and have a shot of tequilla for each time I goof a person's name, you'll be Lindsay Lohan-drunk in the first 5 minutes of the show.
  • This You Tube moment is brought to you by Colts runningback Keith Kenton. The dude has moves.
  • More YouTuberry: If you are into watching grown men work out and sweat, then check out Colts RB DeDe Dorsey getting ready for the 2007 season.
  • Well folks, Randy Moss spoke to the media today at Patriots mini-camp. It looks like Randy Moss doesn't plan on changing despite the fact that he's in New England now:
    What are people going to know about you, or find out about you, that's different from the perceptions that maybe you've come to this team with?
    "To be honest with you, I don't plan on changing, I just want to go out here and play football. Really, anything that you've heard about me, good or bad, some is a lie, some is true. So hopefully the true stuff will come out, and hopefully the bad will stay bad back there.

    Have you connected with Tom Brady yet?
    "We have a relationship. I've always been a big fan of his. Now that I'm here, playing alongside of him, I don't want anything to change."

    Left out of this little recap by Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe is how Moss ended the press session.  Albert Breer of the Boston Herald provides the details:
    Things did take a bit of a turn for the worse at the end. The final question posed to Moss was whether the Patriots took a risk in trading for him. A nasty look came over his face.

    "Man, see?" he said. "They were all good questions until he slipped that one at that end. I'll see y'all."

    Nice to see Randy is as classy and lovable as ever. Don't ever change, Randy. Don't ever change.