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Joe in the slot, Tim in a boot, and Daunte Culpepper in a Colts uniform?

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Could this boat lover be a Colt in 2007?
  • Daunte Culpepper a Colt? Well, that's what Rotoworld seems to think:
    The Miami Herald thinks he'll be out of town by the weekend, but Culpepper probably isn't going to Jacksonville barring an injury to one of the Jags' three QBs and Del Rio is firmly behind Byron Leftwich. Atlanta, Indianapolis, and even Oakland after Andrew Walter's knee scope make more sense currently.
    I have no idea why Rotoworld thinks the Colts "make more sense." If Culpepper wants to actually play, he ain't doing that in Indy. The only reason I can think of is Daunte is still not fully recovered from his devastating knee injury two years ago. Folks, Culpepper's injury was truly horrific. People who suffer it have trouble walking again, let alone running around in pads, getting hit, and throwing a ball off a planted foot. Perhaps signing a one-year, veteran minimum deal with Indy will allow Daunte to get some pre-season and practice reps, learn from some good coaches, and heal up. Then, next year, he'll be that much healthier, and if he keeps his nose clean he'll have a nice recommendation from Tony Dungy, allowing him to test the free agency market and get a nice contract. That's the only reason I can possibly think of for Daunte Culpepper coming to Indy. I mean, it's not like we have a lot of lakes and boats in Indy.
  • Tim Jennings is having foot problems again. Tim, baby, you have got to stay healthy! I mean seriously, you missed all of last year with a lingering ankle problem, and now you are wearing a protective boot on the same foot you had problems with. Likely, I'm over-reacting and the Colts are just being cautious with Tim. However, Tim better be healthy by training camp, or either Daymeiyon Hughes or Michael Coe will take his job.
  • Tom Moore is using Joseph Addai as a slot receiver, or splitting him out wide. ME LIKEY! ME LIKEY! ME LIKEY! Could we Colts fans be treated to a rare 5 WR set this season on offense? Manning seems to like the idea of Joe splitting out wide for passes:
    It's a real credit to Joe for being here this whole off-season," Manning said. "I think that's where he's really trying to expand his
    game - by putting him in the slot or putting him out wide. He's worked on his route-running. To me, that's important. The running part, he's got that in pretty good shape, but he's saying, 'How can I get better?'

    "He's working in the slot. It's been a huge part of our passing game this past year. Hopefully, that can continue - especially with Joe and hopefully, DeDe. You like to get those kinds of matchups with them on linebackers who probably aren't as good a cover guys as safeties and corners. That's been a good match-up for us.

  • Also from the TribStar, Peyton likes the rookies:
    "Peyton likes new people," Colts coach Tony Dungy confirmed Thursday. "He's taken these new guys, just like he did some of our guys last year. He'll do that all the time. He understands that's what football is all about. [It's] bringing people in and getting them ready to go so that when you need them, they're ready."
    And while Peyton is not coaching the rooks, he is offering advice:
    Obviously, the coaches are doing the main teaching. But there are a lot of little intricacies of our offense on a certain [pass] route or a certain adjustment, so I have been watching some film with Anthony Gonzalez, spending some time with Roy Hall and some of these new receivers. With Gonzalez, watching some old film of [former Colts receiver] Brandon Stokley and the things that he used to do," he explained.

    "This is the time to do it because when training camp gets here, the heads really start spinning. So this is what we call our teaching time. I do think it's important to spend some time with the young guys one-on-one and try to give them the ins and outs of our offense. But you kind of know what you're going to get with Gonzalez. He's made a lot of plays in college. You've seen him. Roy Hall (6-3, 240) is a big target, probably one of the biggest targets that I've had at receiver. He didn't play at lot in college, so there's a lot of growth potential there. But it's exciting to see how these guys can get better."

    Peyton actually watched film of his rookie slot receiver. I wonder if he watches film of his neighbors, gauging when it is the best time to steal their newspaper in the morning.
  • As expected, DeDe Dorsey and Keith Kenton are the favorites to replace Dom Rhodes. Colts fans seem really high on Kenton, and if he is indeed considered a favorite, then the coaching staff must like him as well. I didn't know Kenton is a relative of former 49er great Roger Craig. Based on Manning's comments from a previous bullet ("It's been a huge part of our passing game this past year. Hopefully, that can continue - especially with Joe and hopefully, DeDe."), Peyton likes DeDe and expects him to get the job.
  • TJ Rushing is getting handed the returner duties. Looks like Polian might not re-sign Terrence Wilkins. I still hope he does. I've always liked Terrence. He was once the starting WR opposite Marvin before Indy drafted Reggie Wayne. He's helped this franchise win some big, big games. Rushing proved some things to me last year, and I feel confident in his return abilities, but Terrence is just one of those guys you want on your team; a Troy Brown-type.

Also, ppr314 made a fun suggestion in the diaries: We're looking to create a Stampede Blue Fantasy Football league this year. I offer to nominate ppr314 to work as League Administrator. I will, of course, offer help, but between writing here and at other locations I can't admin the league. I wil also likely have to participate in SB Nation's Fantasy League.

So, if you are interested in playing in a Stampede Blue Fantasy Football League, email me or ppr314. I'm partial to ESPN's fantasy leagues (about the only thing ESPN gets right), but I'm open for anything.