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Corey Simon activated

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Corey Simon celebrates after swallowing 30 Twinkies in less than a minute.
More unannoying, cryptic drama in the Corey Simon saga. In a move that puzzled even Corey himself, the Colts have activated Simon off the physically unable to perform list. When the Indianapolis Star actually tried to do some reporting and called Simon for a comments his response was:
"This is the first I've heard of it," Simon said when reached by phone. "It's news to me."
As the Star states, its unclear if this is a move to bring Simon back into the team's fold or a procedural move to cut his fat butt from the team. One thing Simon made very clear is he plans to sign with another team if he is cut.
"I am not retiring," [Simon] said. "Retirement is the last thing I plan to do."
Why retire? For the last year and a half, all Corey has done is sit on his couch and eat Ding-Dongs all day, while getting paid $8 million to do so. Isn't that kind of like retirement?

Update [2007-7-13 20:19:34 by BigBlueShoe]: Corey was not re-activated. The NFL made a clerical error. Ugh!