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Ode to Crushing the Texans

You know let me start this off by saying that I think that Matt Schaub could be a good QB and that while David Carr has talent he clearly had overstayed his welcome in Houston. I mean, last season was as bad as I had ever seen him play. So on that point I agree with the Texans fans and disagree a bit with my friend, BigBlueShoe.

That being said, I am going to have to defend my fellow blogger BigBlueShoe because the things the Texans said about him and our beloved Colts were just numbingly stupid. I felt dumber after reading the Texans fans talking about how they are "on the up" and we Colts are "on the down." Let me just clarrify that having an unproven QB, an aging injury prone RB, and an over-rated WR does not make you "on the up." All that makes you is the 4-12 Texans that you always have been, and until you do otherwise I would suggest you show the Colts some respect. In fact, I think we have won more games in the last two years then you have won in your entire franchise.

And that brings me to my other point that the Colts completely own the Texans and always will as long as Manning commands the field. So in the meantime, talk smack as soon as you win at least 9 games in a season. In fact, if you guys sweep us within the next two years I will eat my keyboard with Tartar sauce!

Mmmmm, tartar sauce.

So I would suggest you stay with all of your "great" Houston memories such as Warren Moon choking in the playoffs at Buffalo, the "glory days" of Webster Slaughter and Haywood Jeffries, memories of all your bad draft picks and finally those "special" memories of David Carr getting destroyed by Mr. Freeney (again and again and again and again).

Oh and its not a "division rivalry" until you can actually "rival" us in some way. Peace! ;)