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Follow the bouncing Corey!

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Corey Simon's activated.

Corey Simon's not activated.

Corey Simon is re-activated.

What the hell is going on here!

In the past four days, Corey Simon has gone from activated to inactive back to active. Why? Because the Indianapolis Star and ESPN all suck at basic, simple reporting. A few days ago, Corey Simon's name appeared on the NFL's site in the section listing players as now "active." The Indianapolis Star, with its crack team of intrepid reporters, ran a story stating the Colts had taken Simon off the non-football related injury list. They even had quotes from Corey himself saying he was as surprised as anyone. Then, the next day, ESPN's Fat Lenny (Len Pasquarelli) ran a story attempting to debunk the Star article, saying Simon was not off the injury list and that the NFL made a "clerical error" listing Simon as active. Now, after two stories on the subject of Simon, you'd think that one of these news sources would get some kind of comment from the Colts themselves. Because, if they had, they'd have known that Corey Simon is on the "active" roster, and has been so for quite some time. When the 2006 season officially ended, Simon was taken off the injury list (along with everyone else on last year's list), and placed on the active roster. This happened months ago. Actually, whne it did happen, I wrote about it on Stampede Blue. The "clerical error" on the part of the NFL was that they were listing old news. A simple phone call to the team would have clarified this entire mess.

Yet another glossy example of the Indy Star and ESPN's reporting prowess. Obviously, I'm kicking myself for not remembering that I wrote about Simon becoming active months ago. However, unlike the Indy Star or ESPN, I do not have access to Colts management. I can't call them to confirm stuff. They can. Infuriating. Oh, and even though the Colts have refuted the Star's story, they still haven't taken it off their site:

Indy Star as of 9:43am on July 16, 2007.

Reporting at it finest, folks. The Corey Simon saga has now turned the corner from annoying off-season distraction to full on comedic farce.