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Mike Florio really doesn't like Peyton Manning

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PFT's Mike Florio smiles for the camera.
As you can see, MasterRWayne is not quite as... diplomatic as I am when it comes to dealing with fans from other teams. I will remind Texans fans that MasterRWayne filed his story under the Trash Talk tag. His story is meant to get a little trash going. Don't take it personal, because if you do I'll start deleting nasty comments, or comments that insult other posters. Trash talk is cool, and fun. Insults are for little nancy boys who lack the intelligence to form a coherent argument. Hey, speaking of little nancy boys:

No one ever confused PFT's Mike Florio, attorney-for-hire and Sprint phone pimp, for an intelligent, thoughtful person who knows something about football. Typically, Mike's football analysis borders somewhere between the utterly clueless and the clinically brain dead. He's one of these idiots that thought Tony Dungy would never win a Super Bowl because he didn't yell at players. Football analysis at it finest, folks.

Mike's also just a plain and simple jerk who doesn't know how to separate his personal feelings about a player from what they do on the field and for their team. But, Mike has friends who work for the NFL, and they give him insider info. This makes reading his site a must. Mike's recent foray into player analysis is consistent with his usual banter. Mike doesn't like USA Today's Top 25 Players the Past 25 Years. Hey, I don't like it either. So, much like I did last year with Pete Prisco's top 50 players in the league, Mike has his own Top 25. The other day, Mike ranked Peyton Manning #15. He hasn't given Tom Brady a ranking yet, and Mike is already on #11. Again, this is consistent with Mike's typical douchebag-style analysis. Mike slurps up anything Brady related and bashes Manning whenever the opportunity rises. Even when Mike is doing a write-up on how Manning is the #15 best player in the NFL the last 25 years, he still takes the opportunity to bash him. Classy guy that Florio:

We're not big fans of Peyton Manning.  He's the recipient of way too much hype, and his portfolio of television commercials is slightly (eyeroll) excessive. Plus, his piggishness at the bargaining table made it harder for the Colts to have money available to put a team around him, essentially forcing the departure of running back Edgerrin James a year ago.
While I certainly don't expect Mike to make any donations to the PeyBack Foundation anytime soon, it is amazing how this guy passes off his biased opinion as general fact. The "hype" for Manning is completely justified. He was billed as the best QB in the league. Guess what? He is the best QB in the league, and has been the best overall in the league for the past 5 years. There is no debate there; no argument. Show me someone else who has won more games, gotten more league MVPs, and gone to more Pro Bowls and you'd have an argument. Since there is no one who matches Manning in those departments, it makes the "hype" justified. Unlike most players, Manning lived up to the hype. You'd think that Mike, a lawyer when he isn't making stupid comments about the NFL or selling Sprint phones, would back up his opinion with evidence. If Mike is so sloppy with these arguments, imagine how he fares in court.

And as far as Manning's "piggishness" goes, his contract never hindered the Colts from building a great team, and it certainly did not hinder Indy from re-signing Edgerrin James. Manning's contract has always been extremely cap friendly, allowing the Colts to sign guys like Harrison, Saturday, Wayne, and now Freeney to long term deals. He's counted less against the Colts cap than Tom Brady has in New England the last three years. Also, considering the Colts won the Super Bowl and ran the football better without Edge, complaining about his departure is both silly and useless. Again, it helps to have facts to back up your claims Mike. I didn't need law school to teach me that.

And then there's the whole "naked butt and rectum" thing.
While everyone else in the civilized world is either over this issue, or simply doesn't care about it, Mike Florio continues to shout from the mountains about Peyton Manning's "reckless" college days. Look, I did a lot of stupid crap in college. If you went to college, you did too. I'm sure Florio himself has some stories from his days in law school, or when he was likely snorting coke off some hooker's pelvis in Vegas during spring break. The point is nobody cares about Peyton in college. This supposed incident with Manning happened over ten years ago. Get. Over. It. Mike.
Eventually, Manning could be regarded as the greatest player ever.  If that ever happens, we might have to go back to watching baseball.
Start ordering that MLB Dish TV package, Mike. Manning already is in the "greatest player" discussion. If this bothers you, then I'm sure you will just loooooove baseball. Unlike Manning, it has such a clean and wholesome image, and its players certainly don't cheat, steal, or call their coaches racist.

If you ever wanted to know just how much of a schmuck Mike Florio really is, by all means read his top 25 players in 25 years stories. I know people like PFT because of Mike's insider info, but as with all gossip sites Mike is usually about 50% right and 50% wrong on most of his info. And his analysis is just plain bad, often dripping with mean-spirited bitterness and hate. Fourth graders with crayons could give you a more informed opinion on the NFL than Florio. And because Mike doesn't tag his stories, allow comments, or offer any user feedback, we can only conclude Mike is a coward and doesn't like it when people smack his weak arguments back in his face.

At the end of the day, rags like USA Today and schmucks like Florio aren't all that different from each other. Both make statements unsupported by facts, and both have about as much knowledge of the NFL as a blind, retarded chimp.