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Falcons fans chime in on Ron Mexico

DavetheFalconer is doing a great job conveying what fans think of the football player formerly known as Michael Vick. The Falcoholic believes, like I do, that Vick will get suspended soon. Last night on the SBNSR, TheSportsGuru and I had a bit of a disagreement over whether Vick will get suspended. Guru thinks he won't get suspended anytime soon. DavetheFalconer spells out exactly why Vick will get suspended soon:

This is apparently the crux of any upcoming suspension; remember, Vick's been denying he ever knew this was going on for a long time now. The indictment isn't even close to a sure sign of his guilt, but because he's going to be summoned to court soon it seems likely there was enough evidence to suspect he knew something about it. If Goodell feels he was lied to--and there's every indication from these ghostly league sources that he does--he's going to be feeling a lot of pressure to crack the whip. Add that to the fact that Pacman and others have been suspended without being convicted and you have a situation that I'm afraid won't be resolved in a happy fashion.
Based on that, Vick is getting his butt suspended. This whole situation is surreally ridiculous. Cold Hard Football Facts, in their monthly emailed newsletter, articulates perfectly just how stupid Michael Vick has acted since 2001:
In the most inexplicable NFL story since two Carolina cheerleaders were accused of getting it on in a public restroom stall, electric NFL superstar Michael Vick has apparently decided to throw away a life of fame, fortune and young ladies to run a dogfighting ring.
We can see throwing away your career on h00kers, drugs and booze. Happens all the time. But dogfighting?

Cold Hard Football Facts also takes a few shots at resident ESPN reporter hack Chris Mortenson, who claimed the feds didn't have enough evidence to indict Vick. Yet another stellar reporting effort from ESPN.

Yes, I get CHFF's newsletter even though I bash them to no end. They like me for some reason.