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Colts fans weigh in on Vick, and other issues

Again, the Colts fan blogosphere continues to grow:

  • A new and very funny blog written by Stampede Blue commenter Mr. BluePants is out there and it's titled Who the Hell is Mel Kiper? How funny is Mr. BluePants' new blog? In one one picture, he managed to sum up all the feeling I have towards CNNSI's Peter King. Enjoy:

    I will refer to this image repeatedly from now on. Please go to Who the Hell is Mel Kiper? and welcome Mr. BluePants to the Internets.
  • 18 to 88 links to a great interview with Edgerrin James.
  • Screening Jock says Vick and the Falcons are done.
  • Charlie Weis Ate My Baby also weighs in on the Vick indictment:
    McGruff says "You're mine now, Vick!" (picture courtesy UVA)

    I don't know what's funnier: The image itself, or that fact that the image links to Virginia University, located in the same state where the dogfighting ring happened.