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Blogging from Training Camp 2007

Lost in the murky fog that is the news of Michael Vick's indictment is the fact that Training Camp begins in two weeks. This gives me little time to finish my The Colts Will Repeat as Champions series and get my crap together in time to attend camp. Yep, that's right. MasterRWayne and I will attend Training Camp this year. I plan to be there August 6th and 7th for both the AM and PM sessions. I'll focus most of my blog entries on observations of the offense. MasterRWayne will focus his entries more on the defense and special teams. These entries will lead us up to the August 9th pre-season opener against the Dallas Cowboys, which we will live blog per usual. As always, we expect Terry to provide insightful Cowboys news during the game.

If anyone is planning to attend any part of Training Camp, especially the night practices August 1 and August 18, let me know. Diary entries about Training Camp will indeed get featured on the site. Unlike other sites, you don't have to pay to read someone's take on TC.

I'm seriously starting to get pumped! We'll finally get to see how some of these rookies look. We'll get to see how this defense will respond. The first preseason game is less than a month away! Go Colts!

Training Camp Schedule
Directions to Rose-Hulman
Map of Training Camp area