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Is Pete Prisco looking for another fight?

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Is Pete Prisco trying to pick a fight with me again? I mean seriously Pete, what are you thinking? Props to shake n bake for posting his thoughts on Pete's opinions regarding AFC South position battles. Pete seems to the think the biggest position battle within the Colts is between Kelvin Hayden and Tim Jennings.

Um, huh?

Pete, baby, do you even research this stuff before you write it? You know I love ya, but I have to assume you missed the news that Tim Jennings' foot is in a big white boot. He's not pushing Hayden for anything. In fact, Hayden is likely pushing Jennings... in a wheelchair.

A more likely position battle is between rookie CBs Daymeion Hughes and Michael Coe pushing Jennings for the nickel CB, or (as jdb states in the comments) someone like Roy Hall or a re-signed Terrence Wilkins pushing TJ rushing for returner duties.

We can only assume Pete was drunk or something when he wrote this article.