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Weekend Blogging: Indy Star claims Tarik Glenn retiring

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Thanks to Colt4Life for posting the article in the diaries. I'll make this short and sweet: I don't trust the Indianapolis Star, whose sources are "breaking" this. Far too often they have been dead wrong on a number of Colts stories. So, until I hear an official announcement either from Tarik or the Colts, I'm not going to get worked up about this.

If Tarik does retire, I do not think it has anything to do with Dwight Freeney's contract, cynically insinuated by Florio over at PFT. Everyone knew Dwight was going to get paid, and if Tarik doesn't retire and hits free agency next year, he is certainly going to get paid and then some! Leonard Davis, who stinks, got an insane contract with the Cowboys. Tarik Glenn is a top 3 LT. He'll demand big money.

So, if retirement is indeed on Glenn's mind, it has more to do with not wanting to play football anymore. Tarik's a family man. He has roots in Indianapolis. He might not want to up and move and play four more years for another franchise.

Still, I don't trust the Star on this. They'd fouled up one too many times for me to trust their sources.

Update [2007-7-21 11:34:39 by BigBlueShoe]: Tip to shake n bake for finding this article from the Associated Press. This AP article, dated a month or so ago, gives me pause when the Star says Tarik is retiring. In the article, Glenn talks about cashing in as a free agent after the 2007 season. But, we'll see. If the Star is right, I'll applaud them breaking the story.

If they are wrong again, I will bash them into utter submission.

Update [2007-7-21 11:39:34 by BigBlueShoe]: Here's another Glenn article, dated a month ago:

"I’ve been a Colt my whole career," said Glenn, the No. 19 overall selection by the Colts in the 1997 NFL Draft and a Pro Bowl selection following the past three seasons. "I’d like nothing more than to finish my career here, but at the same time, to help build for the future. I’m committed to that.

"This organization has done nothing but do well by me. They’ve been with me through a lot of the good times as well as the hard times, personally. I can honestly say I’ll do whatever I can to help build this organization and to help build this team – not only for this year, but for years to come.

Does that sound like a man planning to retire a week before Training Camp opens?