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Weekend Blogging: AP now saying Glenn retiring

Well, it looks like the Star might have gotten one right, unfortunately. AP is now picking up the Star's story, and Fat Lenny and Chris Mortenson of ESPN have confirmed that Glenn as talked to the team about retirement.

A Colts' teammate told Mortensen, "[Glenn] just feels burned out. It's that simple."
It's important to note that this is the same Chris Mortenson who said the Colts were moving to LA in 2003, and that Michael Vick would not get indicted for dogfighting. So, needless to say, Mort's sources are sketchy. However, there is enough here to make me feel that Tarik is indeed retiring, and baring any sort of last minute change of heart, he will ride off into the sunset.

I will hold off on any formal tribute to Tarik until I read an official announcement from him or the team. What does this mean for the Colts? Obviously, losing Tarik is a big, huge, gigantic loss. He's a top 3 LT, maybe the best in pro football. For the future, the Colts are set. Tony Ugoh was drafted specifically to take Tarik's place next season because the Colts had no plans to re-sign him. Indy also has Charlie Johnson, who is probably the most under-rated player on the team. In the Super Bowl, Charlie stoned Bears DE Alex Brown. Johnson can play both tackle positions and play them well. However, Tarik Glenn is a special player, and while someone like Ugoh shows the potential to become special, he isn't there yet.

Both Ugoh and Johnson could play this season, and will likely do a fine job. So no, the sky has not fallen and the Colts haven't gone from Super Bowl favorite to bottom dweller. They have tremendous depth on the o-line, and now it looks like that depth might get used. We will see.