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Don't retire Tarik! If you do, you'll get FAT!

John Clayton offers us some more insight into the latest Colts drama:

Still pondering decision?: Don't count out Tarik Glenn for the 2007 season yet. Glenn is supposed to return from Mexico in the next 24 hours to meet with Tony Dungy, Bill Polian and the Colts organization. While Glenn, perhaps the best left tackle in franchise history, is thinking about retiring, the Colts want him to take time to think about whether or not that is the right decision. They aren't standing in his way, but they also believe he still has good football left in him. They want him to contemplate if getting out of football now is the right decision for his life. The Colts worry he could gain too much weight if he isn't properly prepared for retirement and they want to make sure he would maintain his health out of football. It's likely they would give him time off in camp to make sure his decision making is right. One thing we know for sure is Glenn isn't doing this to get more money. It's a life decision, not a contract ploy.
Sorry, but that's kind of funny. "Don't retire Tarik! If you do, you'll eat yourself to death!"

Tarik's weight problems have never really hindered his play, but they've been an annoyance. He showed up to Training Camp in 2005 at well over 330 pounds. The Colts wouldn't practice him until he dipped below 320. What is good is that it seems a decision hasn't been made, and that Tarik might well play this year. I just think it's funny that the Colts are so worried that post-retirement Tarik might end up looking comparable to this: