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My God! A Corey Simon update... and a story on Tony Ugoh

Tony Ugoh at Arkansas

I'm just not one of those people that freaks out when things like Tarik Glenn's departure happen. Last year, when the Colts were playing 5th and 6th string safeties, using Dwight Freeney at a DT, and Gilbert Gardner still had his starting job... that's when I freaked out. After living through a season like that, and having the team win it all in spite of such crippling injuries, I don't get really rattled when things change. When you have Howard Mudd as your line coach, when you have great depth on the o-line, when you have versatile players who work hard, then things seem to fall into place just fine.

Also, it helps if you have a plan and a way of doing things. has a good article up on Tony Ugoh, and while his technique is a bit raw, the guy seems to have his head screwed on right. Plus, he has all the physical tool to dominate. Like many of us, he was stunned by Tarik's retirement announcement, and a bit hurt:

"When I was hearing from it from everybody else, I was like, 'Well, it's just speculation. You can't really listen to what you hear on TV.' When he finally came out and announced it, it was kind of sad, because he helped me out the most of all the veterans while he was here.
"I really kind of stayed under his wing and kind of watched him. Now, that he's gone, the other veterans are great, too. But it's sad to lose a teammate."
Ugoh is participating in the three day rookie pre-camp workouts, a series of workout for rookies just before Training Camp. This is good because hopefully Ugoh's agent won't act like a jack ass and piss of Colts fans buy playing hardball for Ugoh's rookie contract. Tony needs to make sure his agent gets him signed and into camp on Day One. Strength and conditioning are important, but Tony needs to learn the offense and get his technique squared away.
Tony [right] at Colts Mini Camp

Speaking for strength and conditioning, we have yet another update on Corey Simon. Apparently, Corey isn't a fat ass after all:

Defensive tackle Corey Simon, who missed the 2006 season after suffering a knee injury during training camp and then developing a mysterious illness, has been working out with nationally-recognized conditioning expert Tom Shaw this summer.

Shaw, a former strength and conditioning coach for the New England Patriots, runs annual pre-training camp workouts for NFL players at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The question remains, however, as to whether Simon will continue to remain with the Colts, or even report, when training camp begins. Indianapolis officials and Simon filed grievances against one other with the NFLPA this past spring concerning his salary from last season.

I really shouldn't bash Corey too much on this. Remember, he showed up last year to camp looking great. He'd slimmed down, and looked ready for a new year. The more I look at this, and based on the little information we all have, it is still very possible Corey Simon will indeed play this year. As part of his contract and his status with the team, Corey must report to Training Camp on Monday. So, unless he's waived between now and then, Corey will be at camp in a Colts uniform.