Know Your Colts History

Another week, another Know Your Colts History.  I know last week I said I'd try to get through the rest of the regular season in this week, but when I said that I forgot about the New England game, which really deserves a week all to itself.  Remember, this isn't even the one in the playoffs, this is just their regular season matchup, not the epic duel that would be waged 2 months later.  I went back to the photo uploader I used the first week, so hopefully I won't crash anyone's computer this week.  So without further ado, here is this week's edition of KYCH:

Peyton breaking Richard Seymour's ankles, well not really, but he didn't sack Peyton either.

Roosevelt Colvin protects Peyton Manning from the stampeding Corey Simon.

The graceful Marvin Harrison snags the ball away from Dallas Clark, who again appears to be working on his yoga skills.

Joseph Addai scores and proceeds to join the west side all in one fell swoop.  Not bad for a kid out of Louisiana.

While Dallas continues on his yoga quest, Jim Sorgi practices his Jazzercising skills.

"Man, can someone puh-lease tell Jim to stop dancing?"

Big Brady is watching you.

Did they really have to knock Gostkowski to the ground?  Probably not, but it's not like he has to go right back out after the play and lead block for Corey Dillon or something.

Speaking of Dillon, here he is with his wife, Jennifer Wilbanks.  Obviously it looks a little rocky now, but that's to be expected considering Jennifer tried to run away on wedding day and all.

Bob Sanders: Half-man, Half-crane

Bill Belichick during game week.

As everyone else watches the game, Robert Mathis reacts after realizing he just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.

The Patriots Fan?  Still ain't learned English!


by Marvin Harrison

Step 1: Tip poorly thrown ball back towards yourself while on one leg, make sure the ref is paying attention.

Step 2: Begin your spin as you adjust to the tipped ball, call out to the security guard to make sure he turns around.

Step 3: Catch the ball as you finish your spin, make sure to hold on to the ball or else the refs will try and play keep-away with you afterwards.

/Step 4: After keeping both feet in bounds, proceed to do a belly flop on the frozen sand of Gillette Stadium.

Wow Marvin! Thanks to your book, now I have better hands than Aaron Moorehead!


Bill tries to avoid post game interview by hypnotizing himself with his shoelaces.  Sadly, Bill was wearing loafers.

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