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Back in blue, baby!

Vacation was fun (lots of hiking, museums, picnics, and general lying around doing nothing). Thank to MasterRWayne for holding the fort with his nice DeDe Dorsey post. I trust everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day. Oh, and to address shonuff's concerns about my "fireworks" picture: No, I don't think it looks phallic, and I have a notoriously juvenile sense of humor. It also seems that I can't turn my back for a minute before Dominic Rhodes gets himself in trouble again. All questions about whether or not the Colts should have kept him are now answered. I like Dom, but it seems he has a bit of a problem. I hope he gets them straightened out. Problem is Oakland is the LAST place anyone with a drug problem should be.

Speaking of problems, Corey Simon continues to pop up. This time in shake n bake's post about the highest payrolls in the league. Yes, according to Colts Cap, the Colts are dishing out $7,055,000 to Corey. If you want to know why Jim Irsay and Bill Polian hate Corey Simon's guts right now, that $7 million dollar price tag is likely why. I have a strong suspicion, and this is just me guessing, that Simon tried to hide the "undisclosed illness" from Colts management prior to last season's training camp in an attempt to land on IR and collect a pay check for doing nothing. The Colts caught wind of this, and placed him on the non-football injury list, which was created almost specifically for cases like Simon. Corey filed a grievance, trying to get money he neither worked for nor earned. Now, we are waiting for a judge or arbitrator to make a ruling.

It really is sick to see Simon making that kind of money for eating hotdogs on his living room couch. Hopefully, after Simon is cut, only his $2,600,000 signing bonus will count against the 2007 cap. I cannot wait until this fat sack of crap is booted to the curb. Oh, and for you free agent buffs out there that think signing big money free agents wins you games, Corey Simon is a perfect example of why free agency is NEVER the way to build a contender. He gave the Colts one good year. One. If you thought Polian was gun shy about free agents before Simon...

Now, that vacation is over, I'll be focusing on the SBN and Stampede Blue FFLs. Looks like, according to the poll, we're going with Yahoo for the Stampede Blue FFL. More info to come.