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Camp 2007: Sirius is a Serious NFL Station

I you don't have Sirius Satellite Radio, get it. Without a doubt, they have the best NFL coverage anywhere. It is literally 24/7, wall-to-wall NFL coverage, and it's great. A guy from the IndyStar message boards created this page so that folks could listen to Sirius' interviews with Dungy, Freeney, Manning, and Polian. All the interviews are great, and Polian's is the best. Based on that, and other articles and tidbits from camp, here's our Camp 2007 update (and remember, next week we will be live blogging from camp):

  • Coaches and press are very impressed with DeDe Dorsey. Polian raves about him, though his blocking is not as good as it could be. As a runner and pass catcher though, he's impressing everyone. Kenton Keith and Dawson are also looking good. Polian seems to think this RB crop is one of the better groups he's seen in Indy.
  • Bill Polian has no plans to retire anytime soon. Dungy... who knows. Polian is sticking around though.
  • Freddie Keiaho has had an impressive first few days. On 9-9 drills, he made a violent collision with another player that got a rise out of everyone. Polian praises his hitting, tackling, and coverage abilities. Coverage was always the question with Freddie. Looks like he is fitting in nicely. Solomon Wilcotts and Adam Schein of Sirius Radio raved about him.
  • Bob Sanders will play two preseason games. He's almost ready to play. His shoulder was scoped in the off-season, and now he is getting his conditioning back. Polian says he's fine.
  • No new news on Corey Simon.
  • Everyone is ga-ga for Gonzo. He's catching everything thrown to him. He's running great routes, and seems to have an impressive grasp of the offense despite his rookie status. Interesting parapharsed quote from TGone (my new nickname for Gonzalez): He said the Colts DBs are better thna any DBs he played against in college. He said in the NFL, everyone is good.
  • Expect to me more of Joseph Addai this year.
  • When not trying ot block Dwight Freeney, Tony Ugoh has looked good, according ot ESPN's John Clayton. He's been attached to Lilja like glue, asking him questions and getting familiar with the audibles. Ugoh has spent much of this TC so far as the starting LT. Barring a disasterous pre-season, this is the new starter folks.
Look for MarkV0327's updates later today. If anyone else is at camp and wants to give us some info, post them in the diaries. I'll move it right over to the main section.