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Craziness, craziness, Gerard Warren... and more craziness

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With McFarland out for the year, it seems the fans think Bill Polian should make a run at a veteran DT to provide, at the very least, more depth at the position. Some think that Warren Sapp is a strong possibility, others think a run at Tank Johnson is worth it, despite his 8 game suspension.

The one that has me puzzle somewhat is Denver's Gerard Warren (tip to Playoff Pride).

Why? Well, quite simply, the guy is lazy. He's got a big "buyer beware" sticker on his forehead, and since the Colts just jettisoned a fat, useless DT, why would they welcome another one into the fold?

Now, don't think I haven't at least entertained the notion of Warren playing in Indy. He's a fast, penetrating DT that simply doesn't fit into Denver's new "faties-in-the-middle" defensive scheme run by Jim Bates. If Warren wants to play for a contender, get a one year deal for a modest veteran price, I'm cool with that. But with so many teams needing depth at DT, Warren is going to get a nice deal. So, I don't think it's worth getting him.

I still think a trade or a post-cutdown day signing is possible for added depth. And while I might not think Warren is a possibility, Dungy disagrees with me somewhat. So, it is certainly a possible that Warren might end up a Colt. If he doesn't, rookie Ed Johnson has looked great at DT so far, and Pitcock continues to improve. The Colts might just develop from within.