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Madden 08, summer heat, and lots o' hits

They ranked the Colts defense an 85. Last year, it was an 87. The offense went up from 91 to 93 this year. If anyone is playing it, add a comment.

Sorry I've been away. I needed a break from all the traveling. And the heat has been so intense the last few weeks I feel I'm going to melt everytime I walk outside.

With our camp reports, this site had the most hits in one week since we launched in March of last year; more hits than the lead-up to the Super Bowl. Heck, our Google Page Rank has us at 6. I don't know what that means, but buddies of mine that make pages and manage websites tell me that's pretty good.

We'll have more camp reports, news, rumors, and the like up this all this week as we gear up for the Bears.