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God has a sick sense of humor

As if we didn't have enough DT drama this pre-season, God has decided to mess with us Colts fans a little more:

Rookie defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock, a third-round selection in last April's NFL Draft, underwent an MRI Tuesday and missed practice.

"Hopefully, it's just scar tissue, but we're really trying to see how he comes along in the next day or so."

Tip to shonuff, aka the Shogun of Harlem, for the info in the diaries. I'm now getting to the point where I'm cleaning my uzi in anticipation of the Colts losing YET ANOTHER defensive tackle. When a player's knee is getting checked and they are hoping is is "only scar tissue," that does not bode well. If Pitcock is gone, that would now be four starting caliber DTs lost in less than a year. Reagor, Simon, McFarland, and now potentially Pitcock. And since Pitcock was a third round pick this year, the curse of the third round will continue to loom over Bill Polian. I know I sound gloomy here, but with the way DTs drop like flies around here I can't help it.

On a more positive note, because after this pre-season thus far I need a little pick-me-up, ppr314 has some dates up for the Stampede Blue Fantasy League. Please check the diary entry and let ppr314 know which date works best. If none work, please suggest an alternative.

Also, the lucky lady or dude who gets Peyton in the draft will get a special section on the site dedicated to him or her, ala what I did last year for my bets with Terry and Chad.

Update [2007-8-15 14:38:56 by BigBlueShoe]: From the comments: Rookie defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock, a third-round draft pick last April, returned to practice after missing Tuesday's workouts with a sore hamstring.