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Today, I'm in a better mood

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Ok, with the good news reading Pitcock yesterday, I'm in a better mood. In addition, there are many more positives stories and news items coming out of Training Camp. I'm not there, like last week, but based on MasterRWayne's, jdb's and my own observations, Training Camp is shaping into a big success for the Colts. Camp continues this week, leading up to the second pre-season game... a re-match of Super bowl 41 with the Chicago Bears. Here are the news and notes from camp:

  • The Colts have their depth chart up on their site. Gonzalez is listed as the fourth WR, which is curious. Klecko is starting over Ed Johnson, which is just stupid. At LT, Ugoh and Daniel Federkeil are listed, which bodes well folks. Ugoh looks like he is the unquestioned starter, and guys like Mudd would not insert him in there if they didn't think he could do the job.
  • Speaking of Tony, here's an article about him.
  • Michael Smith, ESPN hack who often carries water for the Patriots, was on Mike and Mike a few days ago and apparently he likes the Colts this year. Whatever.
  • TJ Rushing continues to impress with his DB play. He's listed ahead of Dante Hughes on the depth chart, and hughes has has a helluva camp. Rushing also provides a real weapon as a returner.
  • Dwight Freeney is going to eat people alive this year:
    Dwight Freeney is paying attention to strange criticism over his new contract that featured $30 million in guarantees. Freeney is particularly perturbed over media types referring to his 5.5 sacks last year. His impact cannot solely be measured in sacks, when he gets doubled and tripled every play and still consistently pressures the quarterback. Colts coach Tony Dungy says that he likes the fact that Freeney is incredibly motivated by what he is hearing.
  • Meanwhile, Baltimore's Chris McAlister hates the Colts:
    Chris McAlister hates the Colts. The Ravens all-pro cornerback hasn't beaten Indy and still isn't over the loss in the playoffs last year and has the rematches circled on his calendar for this season.
    Maybe if Chris showed that he can cover Marvin Harrison, who routinely beats Chris and makes him look bad, he might not hate the Colts so much.
  • Bob Sanders returns to camp next week. Offenses beware!
  • Still no new news on DT Gerard Warren. Again, if the Colts want to trade for him, I'm not jazzed about that. I know we have the cap space now that Simon is gone, but I don't like the idea of giving up draft picks for a known lazy ass.
  • Yet another example of CBS employing a complete dumbass and having him write about football:
    The [Colts] defense didn't get anything but smaller and less talented with the departure and loss of guys named Cato and Booger.
    Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are significantly bigger than Nick Harper and Jason David. Ed Johnson is the same height and weight as Anthony McFarland, and a knat is bigger than Cato June while Freddie Keiaho is twice as talented. The writer's name is Eric Kay. Eric Kay = complete schmuck who should actually KNOw what he's talking about BEFORE he writers something this stupid again.
  • Tony Dungy was recently appointmented to President Bush's Council on Service and Civic Participation.