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More Training Camp notes

Thanks to Stewart for this image.
I got an email from a Colts fan named Stewart, giving me some inside info on how the Colts looked on August 13th, which was this past Monday. Stewart took some pics as well, like the one to the right featuring Dallas and Gonzo. Here's Stewart's take on the camp drills he saw:
I was right next to the receiver drills at first. It seemed to me that the only person dropping balls was Trent Shelton (#13). He looks really strong though, so if he does hold onto the ball, good luck getting him on the ground.

Linebackers ran drills with lots of energy; Brackett, presumably as the new LB leader, was constantly talking to the other players and bouncing up and down, as if he couldn't wait to show the world that he's the big dog now.  I felt good seeing his vigor. As you have mentioned many times, Keiaho should turn some heads this season as well, he was right next to Brackett the whole time.

Clint Session (#55) is listed as 6-0" on the roster...hes 5 9" max, but maybe they do that with a lot of players. He just seemed way shorter than the others out there.  Although at 235, he no doubt packs a punch.

Many thanks for that write-up, Stewart. Again, if anyone is attending TC and has some thoughts on what they saw, either post it in the diaries or email me.