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Tim's back in the boot, Freddie's tired, and more camp news

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  • Tim Jennings has his ankle back in a boot. This ankle has been a reoccurring problem, and it might be why TJ Rushing has leap-frogged Jennings on the depth chart. I'm getting a little tired of seeing Jennings hurt.
  • Antoine Bethea is having an amazing camp.
  • Freddie Keiaho was held out of practice yesterday because of "tired legs."
  • As suspected, Ed Johnson is going to start at DT.
  • Thursday practice was crap, according to Dungy. Yesterday's was much better.
  • Kenton Keith got an MRI on his ankle yesterday.
  • Ryan Diem needs new contact lenses.
  • Still no news on the Gerard Warren or Tank Johnson front. I'm starting to obsess.