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As if we didn't need enough proof that Vince Young is an idiot

Maybe that Winderlic test was accurate after all. It seems the golden boy of medicore quarterbacks everywhere decided to punch a teammate with his throwing hand. However, like so many of Vince Young's throws, this one too was off the mark:

Vince fans, please... let's all agree this was one of the stupider things we've ever seen from a QB. Where's Crash Davis when you need him, yelling in Vince's ear about how you never hit someone with your throwing hand?

Never hit someone with your pitching hand, meat!

I'm sure the dilusional Titans fans out there will claim he did it to "fire up his team," or those clincially brain dead Longhorns fans that worship Vince and everything he does will state he is just being a "great leader," but for the rest of us that live on planet earth this was an extremely dumb move by a very dumb man. But, per usual, the fans that heart Vince will likely shy away from this, pretending it didn't happen while holding their ears and shouting "lalalalalala."

Meanwhile, the rest of us who base our opinions in reality sit back and laugh at the silly little over-rated dumbass that is Vince Young. Tip to PaytonMenning for posting about this in the diaries.

Update [2007-8-3 14:34:31 by BigBlueShoe]: Thanks to Marked Hoosier for informing us that bluegirl actually beat PaytonMenning to the punch, posting the Vince Young news in her Corey Simon update.