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Michael "Ookie" Vick ends NFL career

Nice knowing ya, Mike.
According to CNN, Michael "Ookie" Vick accepted a plea deal with the federal prosecutors. Vick will pleas guilty to felony conspiracy next Monday. From the CNN release:
Federal prosecutors had offered a deal recommending an 18- to 36-month prison sentence. Vick's attorneys were trying to reduce that to less than a year, two sources told CNN on Monday.
Vick's attorneys aren't going to get that. The feds have all the leverage, and Mike is going to federal prison for at least 18 months.

By pleading guilty, Vick ends his NFL career. He will likely get suspended for two full years AFTER he gets out of jail. Even if he tries to come back to the NFL, fans will mercilessly heckle and berate Vick about his prison showers, whose bitch he was, and whether or not he had to kick someone's ass inside in order to get some respect.

But mostly, fans will make fun of Vick for throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars so he could bet on dogs fighting each other.

Such demeaning and embarrassing heckling will not be tolerated by the NFL. And since they can't stop fans from making fun of Vick, they'll simply suspend him, and possibly ban him for life. Michael Vick is now, without question, the stupidest football player to ever live. With this league once having players as dumb as Jeff George, Eric Dickerson, and Ryan Leaf gracing its sidelines, for Vick to win dumbest ever is a big deal. But, as dumb as George and Leaf were, they never threw their careers away on something as pathetic as dogfighting.

Though Vick is going to jail, the real losers here are Atlanta Falcons fans. They supported, cheered for, and paid the salary for this idiot for six years. Now, they're left with nothing. Nice knowing you, Mike... oh, and remember not to bend over to pick up the soap.

Update [2007-8-20 17:29:8 by BigBlueShoe]: Tip to brj4 for finding this article by Gregg Easterbrook defending Michael Vick despite the mounting evidence against Vick that he was involved in dogfighting and lied about it. Again, I've said this many times: Easterbrook is a complete moron who has the intellectual power of a limp penis. If you don't believe me, read his article defending Vick. He does everything an imbecile does to distort the facts: Blames others for Vick's decisions, calls those that condemn him racists, and makes excuses for a grown man with millions of dollars that clearly has issues (because no one normal enjoys watching animals kill each other). It boogles the mind how truly soul-less and shallow Easterbrook is, and how easy it is to make him look foolish.