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2007 Pre-Season: Bears at Colts

NFL 2007 Pre-Season: Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts
2007 NFL Pre-Season: Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts

Location: RCA Dome  Indianapolis, IN

Kick-off time: 8:00 pm EDT

Broadcast: ESPN

As always with pre-season games (and any games for that matter), here's to no one on either team getting hurt. No one likes seeing that crap. What we do like seeing is our teams going out there and giving us a taste of some of what they want to do in 2007.

I'll be watching Keiaho and the back-up RBs the most, with an eye on Ed Johnson again. Let's see if that Dallas game wasn't a fluke.

Just like the Super Bowl last season, we are up against the Bears and their great fans over at Windy City Gridiron.

This is a game thread. So, yack away. I'll be live-blogging updates throughout the game. Here's to a good clean game with no injuries. Go Colts!