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Hey! There's a game tonight!

Seems like forever since the first pre-season game against Dallas. Oh, and before I forget, for those of you out there (cough*cough*Terry*cough*cough) who think the Cowboys don't blitz in the pre-season, ask the Denver Broncos how they feel about their last pre-season game. I personally have no problem with the Cowboys blitzing like maniacs in pre-season (and Denver's whining is a bit annoying), but to say Dallas doesn't blitz in the pre-season is a bit silly. You know I love ya, Terry, but please... the Cowboys are blitz happy. No doubt about it.

Ok, so where was I. Oh yes, this is a Colts site, not a Cowboys one. AND THERE'S A GAME TONIGHT... sort of. It's pre-season and it's meaningless, but it's still a game and I need to take a hit off that football rock. So, what should we expect?

  • A media orgy. They'll call it a "Re-Match of the Super Bowl" when it is anything but.
  • The starting offense and defense will go for about 20+ plays, which is into the second quarter.
  • Kenton Keith should see serious playing time at RB. Will he, Dorsey, and Dawson win the back-up job?
  • Look for DT Ed Johnson to start again, going up against an offensive line a helluva lot better than Dallas'.
  • Tony Ugoh v. Alex Brown. Growing pains for the rookie.
  • Chicago has big, physical, and fast receivers. The Colts have big, physical, fast corners. Should prove an interesting match-up, especially with Bob Sanders sitting out.
  • Rex Grossman has something to prove. He will look to torch the Colts secondary. If he plays poorly, even in a meaningless pre-season game, the media will continue to eat him alive.
  • Cedric Benson stinks, and he quit on the Bears in the Super Bowl after Bob Sanders hit him so had he reverted into a past life. Now, he's the starting RB. Look for him to try and do something tonight. I still have no idea why the Bears traded Thomas Jones.
  • The Colts will kick the ball to Devan Hester... and they better crush him. If they don't, Russ Purnell's job is on the line.
More on this game throughout the day. As always, check out Windy City Gridiron for a Bears fans POV.