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The Titans love our cast-offs, Eli bitch slaps Tiki, and yes... I am a hard ass

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Like me, Jim Sorgi can't quit Adam Vinatieri.
I'm a hard ass when it comes to play on the field. When I see the same mistakes made again, and again, and again it tends to annoy me. I'm sure I'm not alone. When a coach tells a player "Don't do that," and then they go right out and do it, then usually that player gets his ass cut. Because I've seen the same mistakes made by Russ Purnell and Jim Sorgi again, and again, and again, it's hard for me to feel anything but resignation about them.

They've had more than enough time to get good at thie jobs. They haven't gotten good at them. It's time to ditch them and find someone who can do the job.

I realize there's a lot of love for Sorgi, but I have no idea why. He was outplayed the other night by Brian Greise, a man who was run out of both Denver and Miami, and can't beat out Rex Grossman for the starting QB job. Last pre-season, Sorgi was outplayed by Shaun King, who was later cut. When Shaun King and Brian Greise look better than you, then you suck. Sorgi has had three years to absorb the playbook, get comfortable in the pocket, and not overthrow wide open receivers. Yet, despite three years of working on this, he isn't very good at playing QB.

I understand the rational behind the thought that If Manning goes down we're screwed, but it is not an excuse to simply dismiss the backup QB position. If Manning got hurt for, let's say, four games, it's then vital that a solid backup QB step in and help win three of those four at least. I don't have confidence in Sorgi to do that. Until he shows me something on a consistent basis, I'll continue to doubt him.

  • Though not Colts related, it's funny seeing Eli Manning give his former teammate Tiki Barber the pimp slap across the face. Barber, per usual, is making comments that undermine the Giants, their coaches, and several players. He was notorious for doing this when he played and seems content to continue it. I personally think Eli will have a fine year in New York despite the fact that is coach is an idiot, his TE is a fraud, and Plaxico Burress will continue to get hurt.
  • The Titans gave Corey Simon a physical and, accoridng to rumors (and Colts4Life's diary entry), he passed. I'd like to know what that physical was, because he failed two physicals with the Colts... and he's still a big, fat liar. From Jeff "Ron Jeremy" Fisher:
    "We had him in for a physical, and we worked Corey out and he seemed to be in good shape,"
    Hmmmmm. Makes you wonder what Fisher's standard is for "in good shape."
    Corey Simon completes his physical for Jeff Fisher and the Titans.

    Remember, Fisher is the guy that let Steve McNair act like a lazy ass throughout his career in Tennessee. NcNair's laziness likely contributed to him always getting hurt. Despite this, Fisher made numerous excuses for him and the press dubbed McNair "the Warrior." Now, Fisher's doing the same thing for Vince Young and guys like Corey Simon. Classic.

  • The third per-season game is tomorrow night Saturday against the Detroit Lions. The third game is the closest thing to a dress rehearsal for the season. Manning, Harrison, Freeney, Vinatieri, and others will likely play 2.5 quarters. We will really get to see what kind of team we might have here Saturday night.
  • Dungy thinks the defense is playing fast, smart, and physical. Remember, the first team defesne didn't allow a point, forced two turnovers, and shut down the run.
  • If the Colts sign someone like Tank Johnson, it will likely happen after the final 53 man roster cutdown day. Last year, guys like Boiman and Klecko were signed after they'd been cut by their former teams on the last day. The Colts will look for someone like Warren Sapp or another DT getting cut before they make a move on Tank.
  • Reggie Hayes' summary of the Colts v. Bears pre-season game is hilarious!
  • Dante Hughes did not play Monday because his mother passed away. She was 43.
  • Nice little article on Kenton Keith.

I'll be chatting with SeanYuille of Pride of Detroit tomorrow talking about the new Lions and their explosive offense.