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My first FFL draft this year

I was sick as a dog last night, but I managed to do my first Fantasy Football draft this year in a Keeper League I've been in since 2003. Here's how my draft went (oh, and I was able to keep Stephen Jackson... yeah baby!):

1- Reggie Bush, RB
2- Reggie Wayne, WR (oh yeah!)
3- Antonio Gates, TE
4- Santana Moss, WR
5- Bernard Berrian, WR
6- Stephen Jackson, QB
7- Alex Smith, QB
8- Leon Washington, RB
9- Michael Turner, RB
10- Raiders D
11- Nate Kaeding, K
12- Dallas Clark, TE (snap!)
13- Antwaan Randle-El, WR
14- Jason Campbell, QB
15- Robert Meachum, WR
16- Jesse Chapman, RB

I drafted 6th in a twelve person draft that allowed up to three keepers. Because we've been doing this since 2003, guys like Carson Palmer and Larry Johnson (who were drafted as rookies) were kept. A player can be kept for three seasons. I got Jackson his rookie year, and this is the final year I can keep him (which is why he's listed as a 6th round pick).

Bush, Wayne, and Gates are solid. I reached on Alex Smith, but I think the kid is going to have monster year. I waited until the later rounds to make some reaches on guys like Meachum and Jason Campbell. I think Jesse Chapman is nice dark horse. He might win the starting RB job in Miami.

So, did I draft well? I followed a lot of advice from, SB Nation fantasy site. Skellar, the FFL writer over there, is great. This coming Monday is the SB Nation Writers FFL draft. I draft last out of 12.