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Pre-Season Recap: Colts 37-Lions 10... or, also known as PISS ON WHOEVER DOUBTS OUR DEFENSE!

Well, based on the final score, the third pre-season game (or, the dress rehearsal for Kickoff Weekend) was very successful. Granted Detroit didn't start Jon Kitna, and with the way Detroit's o-line blocked for it's QBs, that might have been a wise choice.

Since I couldn't watch the game (it was on NFL Network) nor could I listen to it (WIBC's web-streamer stinks and if full of pop-up ads), I'll turn this recap over to YOU. Here's what many of you had to say about the game:

Mark V0327:

Peyton Manning is on fire and is going to have a great season, duh. He had some sick throws too. He was 23/27 with one TD.

Addai is as well on fire and is going to be awesome.

DeDe didn't impress me at all. He had one good run but it was taken away by a holding call. Other than that, almost no yards rushing. he didn have a great block that allowed a big gain though.

Keith did impress me with what little he was in. He had one kickoff return where he shook a couple of guys. On rushing he had strong runs and needed more than one guy to take him down.

Ugoh did well. I didn't see him get beat around the edge this time.

Looks very good over all. Good pressure on the QB and good against the run. Had some trouble early on getting off the field on 3rd down conversions.
Also Dwight had to go into the locker room with quad problems.

Side Notes:
Giodono had better make the team. When he is on the field he is around the ball. Special teams, he is making the tackle. Defense, he made the interception. He is everywhere.


It was a good ol' fashioned beat down on both sides of the ball.

Freddie is like Freddie Krueger--he's a house of horrors. He can't really be only 225 or whatever. That diving one handed jersey tackle against the running back who was at speed was awesome. He also almost made an interception right at the end of the quarter, but was so mad at himself he almost wiped out the gatorade boy. Everyone was tackling well in spite of the frusteratingly frequent 7 yard receptions. I like everyone on the defense.

The offense was great, but that goes without saying. They are game planning for Ugoh's inexperience. Manning is better than ever and Ugoh will be able to catch up. It was costing Detroit big when they tried to gang up on Ugoh.

Dorsey isn't a second back. He twinkle toes around and gets grabbed in the backfield. It's the way Rhodes was in the past--hesitant to attack, except Dorsey doesn't have Rhodes' power so I don't think he'll ever be good. Maybe Dorsey would be good as a kick returner where he has a little more room to work. I liked the Kenton and the Dawson both. Kenton a little more maybe, but Dawson can punish people too.

I believe it was Perkins late in the game that just about killed the receiver and forced the fumble. Sessions also had a special teams hit that looked ugly. I would not keep my starters in against a mixed bag of free agents trying to make the team.


I'm amazed how good Sorgi looks. I't almost like they're playing a different guy in his uniform. I think he could actually win some games for us if he has too.

He even kept the drive going while the idiot fans were doing the wave. Good thing it's just a preseason game. The season ticket holders gave their tickets to people who probably never went to a football game before. Hopefully the real fans will have more sense during the real games.  Whenever the fans at the RCA dome do the wave on offense I'm reminded of that Beavis and Butthead episode where an airliner crashes and Beavis and Butthead are standing outside the plane amusing themselves with farting and boogers while people inside the plane are screaming for help.

It would be very cool if they stuck Sorgi in on an opening drive to start the game. That would be like opening the game with an onside kick.

Thanks for the observations all. Yes, I know Detroit is a re-building team managed by Matt Millen. But still, whenever you drop 37 on a team and hold them to 10, it's a good thing. While I'm annoyed DeDe Dorsey hasn't really won the back-up RB job, I'm impressed guys like Ed Johnson, Freddie Keiaho, and even our favorite pre-season player, Craphonso Thorpe, have impressed this pre-season.

Injury update will come when I get them. I know Freeney and Giordano left the game with injuries. Details later.

Update [2007-8-26 13:49:30 by BigBlueShoe]: SeanYuille at POD will have a recap Monday. Sean's one of the better football bloggers out there. So, don't miss his recap.