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Titans Sign Corey Simon

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Well it looks to have officially happened. So now I guess the Titans can have TWO over-weight idiots in the middle instead of just one (Albert Haynesworth). I look forward to Joe Addai running right past them. Update: Titans fans are all mad that we are making fun of them *cue violin music* They say that we also have ex-titans on our team in Boiman and Schobel. The difference of course being that those two guys are low cost back-ups and the Titans have spent top dollar on Thornton, Harper and now Simon. If they want to over-spend they can go right ahead.

Update [2007-8-28 11:43:43 by BigBlueShoe]: Colts cut nine more players. Three more will be cut later today. And here's the link to Simon getting signed in Thumbtac Land.

I hope we get a full story as to why Corey lied to the Colts. If he passed a physical with the Titans, that either means the Titans are so moronically stupid with their physicals that John Goodman could suit up as their punter, or maybe there was more to this than we know. In any event, I find it hard to believe that if Corey could play the Colts wouldn't let him participate in camp, especially considering how thin the DT position was.

Corey Simon celebrates after pulling a fast one on the Titans
Photo: 18 to 88