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Cutdown to 75; DeMulling sent packing

There's always one or two surprise cuts during pre-season, and today provided one. Rick DeMulling, who many of us thought had a chance to start again for this club after getting r-signed this past off-season, was cut. I personally thought the addition of DeMulling gave the o-line some impressive depth. Now, with him cut and Glenn gone, I'm not so sure. Now, I'm not second guessing Dungy or Polian. They have shiny rings. I don't. However, cutting DeMulling either means the Colts have even more depth on the o-line than we thought, or DeMulling was just THAT bad in camp and pre-season.

The rest of the cuts should come out today. August 28th is the mandatory cut down day for all NFL teams.

Update [2007-8-28 10:14:57 by BigBlueShoe]: My guess for the 2007 final roster going into Kickoff Weekend: QB(2): Manning, Sorgi RB(3): Addai, Keith, Dawson OL(8): Ugoh, Scott, Lilja, Gandy, Diem, Saturday, Johnson, Toudouze WR(5): Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez, Moorehead, Hall TE(3): Clark, Utecht, Fletcher DL(10): Freeney, Mathis, Brock, Johnson, Pitcock, Klecko, Reid, Dawson, Thomas, a DT claimed off waivers LB(8): Keiaho, Brackett, Morris, Hagler, O'Neil, Session, Boiman, Guzman DB(11): Jackson, Hayden, Sanders, Bethea, Giordano, Rushing, Jennings, Hughes, Condren, Coe, Bullitt K(1): Vinatieri P(1): Smith LS(1): Snow