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Once again, proof surfaces that Vince Young is indeed THAT stupid

Yep. That dumb folks.

The Titans are obviously very excited and pleased that they have signed another former Indianapolis Colt to their roster. One such Titan is their second-year QB, Vince Young. Over at, there's a nice video interview with Vince. You can see him talk after you get past about 2 minutes of Jeff Fisher talking about Corey, trying not to look like Ron Jeremy with a mullet. When Vince does speak, he talks about how great it is that Corey is there. He talks about how Corey will help the team. He also talks about how Corey "wrapped him up" last year, suggesting (I guess) that if Corey Simon could wrap Vince up that must mean he's pretty good. There's just one small problem with Vince's statement, and when revealed it provides yet another glimpse into the mind of the Titans QB:

Corey Simon did not play any football last year. None. Last year was Vince Young's rookie year. So, unless Vince is talking about a flag-football game he and Corey played at a charity beach event, it is impossible for Corey Simon to have ever "wrapped up" Vince Young on a football field.

This latest revelation is yet another piece of evidence backing up our claim that Vince Young is indeed that stupid.