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Why I'm loving the latest on Corey Simon

I you couldn't already tell, I'm enjoying this recent development with Corey Simon. It's only appropriate that he sign with the Titans, a team so desperate for cheap talent they'll sign anyone the Colts cast-off. Look for Rick DeMulling and Keith O'Neill to resurface there soon. Hell, why not give ole' Jeff George a call! If anything, he and Coach Fisher can exchange hair-styling tips.

As a fan, I really don't know what to make of all this. Simon apparently failed a physical at the start of Training Camp here. He settles his issues with the Colts and then is promptly cut. It then takes him weeks to take a physical with another team, the Titans. He "passes," and yesterday he was on their practice field in pads. Corey is slimmer than he was when he played in Indy (or so he says). We know he's above 320 pounds, which is likely why he failed his Colts physical. A 320-plus pound DT is useless in Indy's scheme. Perhaps that is why he failed his physical. The Colts expected him to come in under a certain weight (we'll say 310 pounds). He didn't. They failed him. He got cut. It's a theory.

Now, Corey has signed a one-year "show me" deal with the Titans. It's significantly less than the deal he had with Indy, or the money he made with the Philadelphia Eagles. In his interview with the media, Corey said nothing bad about the Colts organization despite being goaded by some rather annoying media personalities. He praised Colts players he called his friends, and now he's ready to move on. If Corey is still suffering from his illness, it's likely he won't see much playing time. What really happened between Simon and the Colts might never be fully known. What is known is it is very rare for the Colts to act this hostile towards a player, suggesting Simon did something to really tick off Jim Irsay and Bill Polian. I guess the only revenge factor now is we get to see Jeff Saturday and company plow through Corey and his porous Titans run defense this year.