Know Your Colts History

It's baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, work has been crazy but now it's back and this week we're taking a look at the Chiefs-Colts playoff game.  For the record, I like the Chiefs.  Obviously, not as much as the Colts, but I still have an appreciation for the team.  With that said, I can't hold back any blows this week:

The Colts D divies up Larry Johnson tackles amongst themselves.

Assistant Coach Whatshisface tries to look authoritative while a) wearing a shirt that isn't in Colts colors and b) having his headphones up on the side of his head.  Good luck.

Trent Green flees the scene after seeing Josh Thomas's midriff.

Shortly after this play, Herm Edwards would tell LJ to get his head out of his...well, you know.

There's a problem with your defense if a running back has a hole this wide open.  A big problem.

"You know, if we were in 10 yards of him, he'd be way easier to tackle!"

It's a little hard to tell, but here Dwight Freeney is setting his eyes on Trent Green.

It's much easier to see here that Trent Green is looking at Dwight Freeney.  Or alternatively: Trent wishes he was in Miami 10 minutes ago.

Trent Green wishes he was with a chiropractor in Miami 10 minutes ago.

The abuse taken by Trent causes his wife to develop an eating disorder, a big one.

Back with the Ravens game next week!  In the meantime, please by all means resist the urge to solicit a cop, thanks!

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