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Camp 2007: TJ Rushing is improving... at CB, and FINALLY an answer on Simon

Steve Martin lifts his arm in order to better describe his feelings about the city of Terre Haute.
Training Camp marches on, and with it we have more news, notes, and rumors swirling in from Terre Haute. Per usual, in early August the city comedian Steve Martin called The Armpit of America is hotter than my jewel sack in a Tiajuana steam bath. However, from just about every report I've heard, either from message boards, articles, or people emailing me from camp, is that everyone is in great shape and no one is sucking wind. That's pretty much a staple of Dungy led teams: Usually everyone is in top notch shape... unless, of course, their name is...
  • Corey Simon! His name has been a scarlet letter on this site and in the minds of many Colts fans since last year this time, and for good reason. Both he and his scuzzy agent are lying turds. Corey Simon did indeed flunk his physical; this after Corey and his agent declared he was fit and ready for camp. Corey likely failed his physical for one or two reasons: His illness (rumored poliarthritis) is preventing him from performing, or he is a fat lazy bastard. Either way, he can't play now, which means his statement that he was ready was total and complete horse crap! With this knowledge, Colts owner Jim Irsay sent us the news that Corey's outta here.

    Thank merciful God!

    Corey can forget about playing football this year; and he's likely going to lose a significant portion of his remaining salary. This bozo took Colts fans and Colts management for a ride, and beware the team that thinks signing him will benefit their roster. Later Corey. Please, let the door hit your fat ass on the way out! Tip to bluegirl for posting about this in the diaries.

  • With Simon in the process of getting kicked out, the question on my mind now is where's Quinn Pitcock? Leave it to the Tribune Star to give us the answer:
    Pitcock is the lone member of the team's 2007 draft class not to take part in training camp so far. He did not pass his initial physical due to a leg injury and had been absent from the first two days of camp. The former Ohio State defensive line standout, however, was on the sidelines for Wednesday night's workout at Cook Stadium.

    "I think Quinn will probably be ready to go on Monday," Colts coach Tony Dungy said Thursday. "That's the report I've gotten from the doctors."

  • TJ Rushing is looking good as the special teams returner. But what is surprising to me is that he is also looking good as a cornerback. Unlike Devan Hester, who stunk so bad as a CB the Bears moved him to WR, Rushing has noticably improved his coverage skills. Remember, he was drafted specifically as a returner. Last year, when the Colts were battling numerous injuries in the secondary, I asked a friend who works for the Colts if Indy had any plans to use Rushing in the secondary. He smiled and said no. Even with all the injuries, it was still no. Today, things look a bit different. Bully for TJ.
  • Speaking of Special Teams, last year Indy's punt and kick coverages blew. Like all good coaches, Dungy is not blind to the obvious.
    "We know we've got to improve. We've worked on our coverage units, a little bit of kickoff return. But mainly punt coverage and kickoff coverage. It's an area of emphasis and we've got some new guys that we think are going to help us,"
    Great. I'm happy we have people like Clint Session, Roy Hall, and Duane Coleman who can actually cover kicks and punts. However, if this unit struggles, I want Russ Purnell FIRED. These coverage units have been consistently medicore or bad during his tenure. If he doesn't get it done, I want him handed his walking papers and I want someone found who can get it done.
  • Michael Coe has looked better at camp than Dante Hughes. Fox Sports writer Peter Schrager has taken notice of Coe. Also, Tim Jennings (sans the protective boot), has looked impressive. He is speedy and gets out of his breaks quickly. MasterRWayne tells me that right now Jennings is the nickel back. However, when in the nickel, Marlin Jackson (who is the starter) will slide over to the nickel corner spot, usually covering the slot receiver, while Jennings handles the outside man. This is to prevent teams from trying to run out of three wide. Jackson tackles like a safety.
  • Freedie Keiaho continues to impress. MasterRWayne plans to watch him closely when we invade TC next week.
  • Many Colts fans are intrigued by Roy Hall, who got a four year deal even though he was a 5th round pick. This suggests the Colts themselves are very high on Hall. Fans want to see what he can do as a WR, using his 6'3'' 240 frame around the goalline. However, Dungy and Purnell cannot contain their smiles when they talk about him as a gunner on Special Teams. So, expect more ST work for Hall... for now.
More news as I get it. Look for MarkV0327's continued updates from TC. And remember, next week MasterRWayne, myself, and jdb of Charlie Weis Ate My Baby will invade camp!

The first preseason game is less than a week away. Where's Terry when I need him? Another friendly wager, Mr. Terry? Mmmmmmmmmmmm...