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Camp 2007: MarkV0327's 8/2/2007 Update

I'm a day late promoting this, but here is another great TC update from MarkV0327, who is at Terre Haute:

Sorry I haven't updated daily, my parent's internet really sucks...Anywho, after watching some two minute drills last night I've come to a couple of conclusions:
  1. Ugoh is doing better. He didn't let Freeney get to Manning during this drill, but at the same time linebackers did get there a couple of times through his side. Not sure who that is a testiment to, Freeney or the linebackers.
  2. Gonzo is definately worth all the hype. Great routes, great hands.
  3. No need to worry about our DB's, they were all over the recievers.
  4. DeDe will be the second option in the running game. In the running back drills he had the best cut backs and the best reads. The other two looked good, but DeDe is performing the best.
  5. Finally, please please please God don't let Peyton EVER get hurt. When Sorgi was doing some Qb/Wr/Db drills, ever throw to his left was high. He threw right just fine, but he can't throw left. (He kinda sounds like Zoolander, he can't turn left, lol)

Well, that's my assesments so far. And maybe this time Terry and PaytonMenning can just go ahead and create a diary called Terry v Payton the fight of the century. Just kidding guys, it's fun to watch you bicker.

Tell your parents to invest is a better Internet connection, Mark! We need these updates, dammnit!  ;)