Training Camp Thoughts: 8/6 Full Team morning practice

So headed down to Training camp today, and may stay for tomorrow as well. I even brought a little notebook. I will be the first to admit I don't know all the subtly little bad things to look for in a poor performance (except Tony Ugoh getting beaten like a gong) so it might seem a bit on the homerish side. But trust me, it was just me noticing good things. I'm sure someone smarter can point out the bad things. :)

This will mostly be in bullet point form since that's how I took my notes.

*People I noticed not practicing. I'm sure there were more:
--#37 (who is this? there isn't a 37 on the handout. hmm. but there was a 37 in uniform but no pads)
--#49 LB Brandon Archer
--#55 LB Clint Session
--#80 WR Devin Aromashodu

  • It's raining. And hot. And humid. Ugh.
  • Started with some punt drills when I got there. Hunter was BOOMING them.
  • DB Scott Ware (#35) and WR Craphonso (hehe) Thorpe (#15) both seemed to get some good penetration on the punt block team.
  • Most of the punt 'returns' (really just catching in this drill) were handled by Antonio Perkins (#33) and T.J. Rushing (#34).
  • John Standeford and Aaron Moorehead were playing the outside gunners on punt coverage some. Surprising. Not exactly the speed you'd look for, but eh.
WR Only Drills
  • Reggie had a really slick one handed catch in some WR only drills
  • No surprises in the WRs. Marvin is Marvin. Reggie is Reggie. Gonzales (#11) looks really good and was catching everything thrown even near him.
DB/Linebacker drills
  • Vinatieri was throwing balls to the DBs for their drill. Poor kickers. That's the most work I saw either kicker do this morning. Maybe they're saving their energy for the Special Teams practice this afternoon.
  • DE Keyunta Dawson (#61) is crazy quick for a dude 6'3 254
  • DE Noland Burchette (#69) screwed up on drills where the LBs and DBs had to come off the snap and run fast down to the goaline. Maybe he wasn't hustling enough? Didn't catch it. They made the whole group do it again. the coaches sure aren't taking any slacking off.
  • The two LB lineups I saw working drills:
1st team:  Freddy Keiaho (#54), Gary Brackett (#58) and Rob Morris (#94)
2nd team: Kamichael Hall (#59), Rocky Boiman (#50) and Ramon Guzman (#52)
Nice to see Freddy working the first team.  he looked pretty solid, especially in coverage drills.
  • Noticed they were switching the LOLB and ROLB back and forth, playing them at both positions in some of the drills.
  • LB coach "quick quick quick everything's quick" it's the Dungy philosophy of defense for sure. And there are certainly some quick guys out there.
*A drill where a single LB had to read a RB otu of the backfield. Four LBs lined up as O-Linemen but really mostly just stood there. Then a coach from behind the LB in the drill would signal a direction and run to another coach: straight, counter, etc. The LB had to read the run adn go to the right hole. Players that caught my eye on this drill - Keiaho, Hagler, Brackett.  Guzman got burnt BAAAAD a couple times and had to rerun this drill three total times.

Safeties Drill

  • DB coach "when you can't see the QB, hold your landmark!" during a drill where DBs had to circle around a tall dummy (and out of sight of the QB for a split second) and look for a pass.
  • Tyjuan Hagler looked good on a few plays he had out there. Surprised I didn't see him more with the 1st and 2nd LBs, although he may have rotated in there and I missed him.
Offense/Defense 'scrimmage'
*light contact drill, no tackling.

*RBs in order: Addai, De De Dorsey (#25), Clifton Dawson (#30)

  • Didn't see RB Kenton Keith (#36) at all this morning
  • I'm liking DeDe. He looks really good out there, and also solid in pass routes.
  • RB Luke Lawton (#45) got absolutely POPPED by DB Dante "The DB Formerly known As Daymeion" Hughes. (#20)
  • Two of the players I saw at LT: Ugoh (#67) and Dan Federkeil (#76).  Can anyone tell me who Federkeil is? Never heard of him but he was rotating into LT alot when Ugoh wasn't in there.
  • Since when was QB John Navarre (#16) on the team? nice pickup but wow haven't heard his name in a few years.
  • Addai looks AMAZING in the passing game. Running great routes and he cuts like a WR.
  • More than a few times the Offense lined up in a split back formation with Addai and Dorsey on either side of Manning.
  • Damn I like The DB Formerly Known As Daymeion. he absolutely robbed Marvin on a long pass along the sideline, getting way up in the air and batting down the ball.
  • Seeing more blitzing from the D than I am used to from a Colts team, mostly from the LBs. Interesting.
  • I forget who said it in an earlier camp report, but god Sorgi DOES throw everythign to the left to high or too long.
  • he DB Formerly Known As Daymeion at it again, put a heck of a lick on Craphonso (hehe) Thorpe after a catch right at the line of scrimmages.
  • Nice to see DeDe make a good catch out of the backfield too. The passing attack is gonna be scary as long as Peyton can stay upright.
*Speaking of, Ugoh looked terrible this morning. he was regularly getting beaten like a drum by Freeney and even got toasted by Noland Burchette. Who? Exactly.  I hope Ugoh makes some biiiig progress during camp. he needs it.
  • Noticed Gonzales fielding a few returns on the other field during this scrimmage. Hm. Are they thinking of using him there too?
  • Dear QB Josh betts (#9). Thanks for playing and enjoy your parting gifts. No way this guy makes the team.
  • There was a nice 4 Wide formation during 7  on 7 drills. Dallas out wide right, Marvin in the right slot, Gonzales in the left slot and Reggie wide left. That will be a dangerous formation.
  • In the Dime package, saw alot of Marlin Jackson and T.J. Rushing.
  • Freeney made  great read on a screen and had it stopped for a loss.
  • Still no Kenton Keith. I was really looking forward to seeing him in action. Is he injured?
  • More Dan Federkeil at LT. Who is this guy? (and I am trying not to anoint him Federline....)
  • The Offense even ran some straight up I-Formation with rookie TE Gijon Robinson (#45) at FB.
I may or may not have run into BBS and MasterRWayne. At least they were two guys who knew their shit but I didn't want to be all "so are you from that website" while adjusting my taped together glasses and snorting like a nerd.

I'll head to the Special Teams practice this afternoon and report after that. Still debating whether to stick around for the practices tomorrow. We'll see. Luckily I have a place to crash here in The Haute.

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