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Camp 2007: MasterRWayne and the Defense 8/6/207

So I was at camp today and I have to say that JDB has done a great job of scouting the defense for us. After reading his report I must have been standing next to him because I watched the DB and linebacker drills. I agree 100% with his analysis and I will add a few things that I noticed as well.

First, I was very impressed by Freddie K. The guy may be a bit small, but he is extremely fast and always around the ball. That I expected, but I was surprised at how good he is at catching the football. The guy really caught everything thrown his way during the drills. Rocky Boiman, on the other hand, dropped quite a few.

I was also impressed with the DB drills. Everyone was doing a good job catching the ball and Bethea showed some serious leaping ability. He did drop an easy pass right next to me and I heard him mumble, "God damnit." I got a laugh out of that.

As for our other young DB's I was very impressed with them in the scrimmage. I saw very tight coverage by Tim Jennings (who also has some serious speed) and as JDB mentioned Dante Hughes had several big plays, and man can that guy hit! I watched Michael Coe a great deal and I saw some good coverage by him against Reggie Wayne. However, later on I saw Wayne get some separation against him several times so he didn't finish as strong as he started.

Overall, I have to say that I was happy with our LB's and I was ecstatic at how well our DB's played. I didn't spend much time watching the D-line, but we obviously have concerns at defensive tackle.