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Camp 2007: jdb on the full team scrimmage

A trip to the doctor's office for MasterRWayne derailed our morning plans to drive back to Terre Haute. Nothing serious, but serious enough to change our plans. However, just like yesterday, jdb was at camp today and provides us with an excellent write-up on the morning events. Here are some interesting excerpts:

Also by the end of the practice DT Quinn Pitcock, who practiced for the first time yesterday, was out of his helmet not practicing and limping a bit.
DB Dante "The DB Formerly Known As Daymeion" Huges continues to impress, making some great plays on the ball throughout this drill and always keeping the receiver in front of him. He made one bad play I saw, getting burnt on a corner route late in the drill.
I'm not as impressed by Roy Hall as BBS is. Sure he's got size and strength, but he got out of cuts a bit slow this morning and dropped a ball that was only marginally behind him.  IMO, unless he makes some big strides, he's practice squad material (much like Standeford the last few seasons).  he did make a really good catch later on in QB/WR drills.
Tony Ugoh (#67) seems to be having a better practice today. I still think the team is gonna have a TE glued to his side on plays calling for Manning to hold the ball for any significant amount of time.  He looks better in run blocking than pass blocking.
Keyunta Dawsom (#61) looked very good. Has great speed off the line.
I have no idea who the starting DTs are. Every time I tried to pick them out it seemed they had different guys lined up there. Pitcock got some playing time there until, as stated above, he stopped practicing and started limping. Ruh roh.
Didn't see Gonzo doing any returns this time. It was just DB T.J. Rushing (#34) and DB Antonio Perkins (#33). Both seem like they would be excellent returners. Especially Rushing. As I said in yesterdays Special Teams practice report T.J. is our returner, hands down.
Check out jdb's diary entry for more info. He's got a full breakdown of just about every players we fans are interested in, and even a few Craphonso ones.

Big, big thanks to jdb for being there and providing us with some great updates on camp.