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Preseason Game Thread: Colts v. Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys
Week Eleven: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys

Location: Texas Stadium  Irving, TX

Kick-off time: 8:00 pm EDT

Broadcast: FOX

Man, I missed putting up these pics and creating these gamethreads. THE PRESEASON IS FINALLY HERE! Yes, that is how crazy I am. I'm going nuts for a preseason game.

Obviously, since this is the first preseason game, the normal starters will not play much. However, guys like Marlin Jackson, Kelvin Hayden, and Gonzo wil likely see extended playing time. I'll be watching them close along with Tony Ugoh. I'll also be looking at guys we looked at this week at Training Camp, guys like Roy Hall, Quinn Pitcock, and Freddie Keiaho. To read our camp coverage, check out these entries:

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For a Cowboy perspective (and if you want to find Terry), check out Blogging The Boys. This is an open thread.