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The pre-season ends, laughing at New England, and the final roster

I'll just get this these two things out of the way because they are overshadowing, somewhat, the important stuff:

  • Byron Leftwich has always sucked (tip Marked Hoosier), and it's a statement to the utter stupidity of Jack Del Rio that it has taken him this long to realize how bad he does indeed suck. It's also a statement to how delusional Jacksonville fans are. I love RiverCityRage's homerism and his zeal for his team. But when he would talk about how Leftwich was a "winner" and could help them only if he could stay healthy, I couldn't help but laugh underneath my breath as I chalked up another AFC South championship for the Colts. Leftwich, or Fatty McButterpants as I like to call him, was always slow, had horrible throwing mechanics, dogged it in practices, and could never deliver the football accurately. He's why Jacksonville drafted those horrible tall receivers like Jones and Williams. It's simply long overdue for Fatty to get booted. He was always a bad QB, and Del rio knows he's coaching for his job this year. The Jaguars now have a better chance this year with Garrard. They should have never drafted Leftwich in the first place (a decision made by Del Rio), and the whole Leftwich debacle should cost Del Rio his job.
  • What can you say about ole Rodney? Not only is he a cheap shot artist who intentionally likes to injure players, but now he's a doper and a cheater (tip bluegirl). And sorry tommasse, but fans of other teams are indeed going to make a big deal out of this. This is the same sect of Patriots fans that got all hollier than thou when justifiying their team acting like jerks after the playoff win against San Diego. Remember when the Patriots acted like clowns after beating the Chargers? Remember Patriots fans claimed they had the right to demean the Chargers because their players (aka Shawn Marriman) were dopers.

    Patriots fans DEFINE hypocrisy.

    Now, a cloud hangs over Rodney Harrison's career and over all the championships he helped New England win. I mean, if he's cheating now, it stands to reason he was cheating in 2003 and 2004, meaning the Patriots championships those years are tainted. Folks, Rodney Harrison was always human garbage, and any fan that ever defended him was nothing more than an a blind idiot. No, not a homer. AN IDIOT! Blind homerism has its limits. My homerism ends if I know a player on my team tries to injure people... and takes HGH.

Now, all that said, it's time to move on and get to the final roster spots. Guys like Dante Hughes, Brandon Condren, and Keyunta Dawson really established themselves last night in the final pre-season game. I'm not sure DeDe, Kenton, or Clifton really stood out at al this pre-seaosn. Don't be surprsied if Indy signs a RB that's cut today. Check out Cincy Jungle for a Bengals fan's perspective on the game. Potential players that were cut from other teams that the Colts may get: DT Ian Scott was cut by Philly, rookie LBer Buster Davis was cut by Arizona.

Keep your eyes peeled after 4pm today. That's when the final roster will get set in time for Kickoff Weekend!

Update [2007-9-1 13:11:7 by BigBlueShoe]: One more thing on Rodney and HGH-- I am not naive when it comes to this. It is certainly possible that someone on the Colts uses HGH. However, here's the difference between me and Patriots fans: If someone is caught using HGH, I'd want them CUT. Yes, this includes Peyton Manning. If someone like Manning is caught injecting anything illegal into his body to potentialy increase his on the field performance, I'd want him suspended and then CUT FROM THE TEAM. No questions. No explanations. No chicken-sh*t press conference, ala Rodney's little song-and-dance earlier. If you use HGH, you are a cheater. End of discussion. Since doping is cheating, it questions the integrity of your career, and nothing is more sacred than your integrity. Not money, fame, or even family. Your name and your word are who you are. Without them you are nothing, which is what Rodney Harrison is right now. I hope that clarifies my position on the subject.