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Thoughts and observations about Kickoff Weekend

  • Yes, it's only Week One. So much football left. However, Week One can often give a fan some guidelines for certain trends that could possibly carry over throughout the season. Last year during Week One, the Colts allowed the Giants to run at will against them, yet still won. This theme continued all throughout the regular season, but was FINALLY fixed in the playoffs. If Week One is any indication of trends to come, then the AFC Championship will involve the same two teams as last year. Both New England and Indianapolis dominated their playoff caliber competition.
  • Green Bay's defense looks very good.
  • I really don't want to hear anymore badmouthing about Eli Manning. The next dude I see talking bad about Eli gets my foot up his rectum. Like all things in this world, when morons make general claims about the state of things, the first thing they do is blame the most visible figure. However, sometimes the most visible figure is certainly not to blame, and that is the case with the Giants. Eli goes into Dallas on Kickoff Weekend, throws 4 TDs, and essentially wills his team back into the game... only to have his putrid defense and wretched special teams blow the game. Tom Coughlin fired last year's defensive coordinator, Tim Lewis, because the defense under-performed. Will he fire himself now? Arm tackles, sloppy pursuit, and bad angles all game long for the G Men. Eli will get the blame, but it is not his fault. The Giants are a poorly coached team, and Coughlin should have had his ass fired a long time ago.
  • The Jets have no pass rush. Tom Brady could have quilted a baby blanket yesterday with all the time he had in the pocket.
  • I agree with JasonB. Andy Reid blew the game at Green Bay. There is no excuse for Reid's total incompetence. Asking players to field punts when they have never fielded a punt in their lives is like asking a construction worker to perform emergency surgery on your brain with a pair of pliars and a blow torch. Reid's decision is one of the more boneheaded coaching moves I've seen in some time. The last one involved Reid's current numbskull offensive coordinator: Marty Morningweg.
  • Stephen Jackson killed one of my Fantasy Teams. Hold onto the friggin' ball you nitwit! This is why RBs should play in the pre-season. Jackson clearly wasn't ready for full-on contact. If he was, he wouldn't have fumbled. One fumble is a fluke. Two in one game means you weren't ready or you suck. Since we know Jackson doesn't suck...
  • One more time folks: The Texans made the right choice passing on Reggie Bush. Here's another trend, Reggie Bush is averaging less than 4 yards a run this year, just like last year. Meanwhile, in Houston, #1 overall pick DE Mario Williams continues to build on a very solid rookie campaign. He had 2 sacks and a fumble returned for a TD Sunday in a blowout win over the Chiefs.
  • Thinking of Bill TE Kevin Everett, and hoping he makes a full and complete recovery.